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The MacBook has been considered as one of the excellent smart device gadget which brings about the finest user experience to most of the users who are able to leverage their specific accomplishments through MacBook.

Bottlenecks in MacBook:

In certain cases, the MacBook can be subjected to certain technical anomalies which further results in the malfunctioning of MacBook.

Some of the common symptomatic problems associated with MacBook series are mentioned below:

Hardware issues:

  • Accidental damage towards the MacBook Pro screen or a built-in retina lead screen.
  • Damage to the hinges in MacBook which requires troubleshooting.
  • Water spilt in the device which requires immediate attention.
  • Battery unable to start.
  • Hard Disk Drive issues and Solid State Drive issues
  • Memory related issues related to RAM
  • Processor related issue leading to the frequent hanging

Mother Board issues

  • MacBook sometimes does not turn on
  • The problems associated with the display problem

Graphics Card Issues:

  • The graphics card problem could lead to the distorted video in the screen.
  • MacBook is subjected to the frequent restart.

Network Connectivity issues:

  • MacBook unable to connect to the wi-fi and problems associated with the network devices
  • The transceiver in the MacBook often becomes the vulnerable with the reference to its connectivity to the internet.


With the above mentioned problems, one should get in touch with a trusted authorized MacBook repair center at the earliest.

Dubai Laptop Rental the tag name in the market to resolve the complex technical glitch

Dubai Laptop rental have been persistently resolving the technical glitch concerning the MacBook series and have undertaken the following service initiatives:

  • MacBook Support
  • MacBook Pro Screen Repair
  • MacBook Keyboard repair
macbook repair dubai

MacBook Support

Dubai Laptop Rentals have been offering the premium technical support to the entire MacBook Pro in Dubai, UAE, and since MacBook as the devices are considered as high-end devices, most owners who possess them are particularly concerned about their functionalities. We offer the most authentic MacBook support service in Dubai and offer the uncompromised MacBook support services and we win the trust of customers through our premium repairs of MacBook series. Our engineers would be able to assess the device and estimate the cost incurred for the repairs in just a single day and we go further in updating the built-in software in the MacBook so that your device works optimally.

MacBook Pro Screen Repair

The most important component of the MacBook is the screen, but in the event if something goes wrong to the scree, one must immediately resort to having it resolved from an authorized repair center. Dubai Laptop Rental has always been in the forefront in resolving the problems associated with the screens in just 30 minutes and we would be able to assess the problems associated with camera screen.

Our repair initiative towards the screen includes

  • We would be able to resolve the screen problems provided there is no physical damage to the MacBook.
  • In the event of a physical damage, our technician would bring the MacBook to the repair center and it would almost take 2 to 3 working days for your MacBook to get restored.

MacBook Keyboard repair

One of the most elegant features of MacBook series is the built-in keyboard and if there is any presumption of any possible keyboard related technical glitch, we at Dubai Laptop Rental have always been very pro-active with reference to initially diagnose the actual problem with the keyboard. In the event you are finding a problematic situation for MacBook keyboards please approach us.

Apple MacBook repair service center in Dubai:

Dubai Laptop Rental takes its unique pride in troubleshooting the Apple’s line of MacBook series and we bring about the niche in servicing the following components such as the following:

  • Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Laptop screens
  • Keyboard.

We as an authorized service center for the Apple MacBook series; we undertake the servicing for the MacBook iOS (Mobile Operating System) and for the entire gadget’s hardware related bottlenecks.

Our expert technical team persistently works on the following bottlenecks:

  • MacBook failing to start or boot
  • Macbook failing to charge
  • The LCD panel of the MacBook does not have enough backlight
  • The inherent problems of MacBook battery problems.

Our service initiative includes the following:

  • Our MacBook technician would be able to estimate the actual cost of the keyboard repair in just a single day.
  • 1 year warranty for the keyboards provided it is not physically damaged.

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