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Rental laptops in Dubai

Rental laptops in Dubai figure out all your needs

Laptops are preferred over desktops most times since they are mobile and easy to carry. They do not even occupy much space and can be placed conveniently anywhere. Work can be achieved very comfortably without having to put in much effort. Laptops in every way have become a necessity for all. But buying them can be a costly affair and the best idea would be to rent a laptop since it can save you big money. (more…)


6 Useful Tips for Student Laptop Rental In Dubai

At this point of time, many of the students would be gearing up to join school/college. Laptops of late are as important as the pen or paper; which makes choosing the right laptop for attending school a daunting task. With the school tuition fee, the burden of buying the reference material and many other expenses, the students tend to show an inclination towards buying the laptops that are available on sale most of the time.  On this note, we at Dubai Laptop Rental would like to advise that instead of opting to buy an outdated product on sale, choose to rent the latest technology product that is ideal for your stream of education. (more…)

Dubai Laptop Rental

Why choose Laptop Rental in Dubai over Buying?

More often than not, many companies opt for leasing the laptops or buying them. But here are a few reasons why laptop rental seems to be a better option than any of them. Dubai Laptop Rental  offers laptop rental in Dubai to suit your every need. We offer laptops according to your requirement on short-term rental or long-term leasing plans at an affordable cost making renting laptops a worthwhile program to fix your requirement as well as being economical at the same time. (more…)

Touchscreen Laptops at Events

Six Best Uses of Touchscreen Laptops at Events

The users’ have always been at awe while using the touchscreens. Ever since the evolution of life, people have constantly been trying to find out the ways to make the life easier. And touchscreen offers that kind of luxury to the users. However, there is a debate as to why a touchscreen in a laptop as the mouse pad and the keypad are not going anywhere soon. But then, there is no denying the fact that a mere touch can work wonders in getting the things done within a fraction of seconds. Dubai Laptop Rental offers all brands of PCs on rent including the touchscreen Laptops for Events that are all set to take the customer satisfaction to the next level. (more…)


Eight Ways to Ensure Cyber Security on Your Windows PC

Day in and day out we hear about the cyber crimes happening in different parts of the world. It is not just about the money theft caused by hacking the bank account details, data theft is another impending problem that can happen to anybody. Agreed that Windows comes with a lot of security, however, we need to take the lead and keep updating the security system for the protecting our PCs. Dubai Laptop Rental is a computer rental company that offers laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, copiers and other computer peripherals on rent for every use. (more…)


Four PCs That Can Put Desktops Right Back Into the Game

The storm of mobile computing is taking over. According to the reports, the PC sales are rapidly declining, and are likely to decline further. Nevertheless, we cannot rule out the fact that there are PC enthusiasts in the sectors of business and gaming, who still make up for the sales, however, the sector is apparently abysmal and cannot make up for the overall growth. Whatever the statistics show or maybe we have been too cynical about the whole approach, but the PCs are nowhere near dying. In fact there is a study which proves that even today; the maximum number of browser visits is from PCs. Having said that, Dubai Laptop Rentals offers PCs on rent for PC lovers in Dubai, where you can have a pick of your choicest desktops and laptops from the large catalogue we have.

pc rentals

Agreed that the laptops are the midway that offers portability and performance together, but on second thoughts what if there is a chance of extreme performance and ultimate portability on the platter? It is nothing but having a desktop PC and a tablet both serving the extreme purposes. It is certainly a well chalked out plan if you think about it.

Here are not one but four reasons why Desktops are still too hot to handle.

HP Envy 34

The desktop that can prove to be everything to you; right from the home theatre to a computer, it can serve the purpose of one and all. The imposing 34” monitor with a slightly curved screen is awesome for watching movies. The movies feel straight out of theatre more so, due to the audio by Bang and Olufsen. The features are definitely explorable with the 6th Generation Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce 960 A GPU making it ideal for not just movies but gamers as well.

Microsoft Surface Studio

It is sinful for watch the Microsoft Surface Studio in glory. The 28” monitor sits on a hinge that can swivel the screen from 20 to 90 degrees front to back just to suit the requirements of the user. It can turn into a large canvas of the painter with 4500×3000 pixels resolution and the hinge offering just the right angle as well for making any sorts of modifications on the screen. It comes with a stylus that can be matched up with the painter’s brush to give a poetic effect.

Dell XPS 27

This desktop PC too allows the monitor to swivel like the Surface Studio, but is more muscular to look at. The 4K Ultra HD display and a ten speaker sound bar raise the bars of the desktops to a new level. It comes with the 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors working for this massive machine.

HP Pavilion Wave

The first thing that comes into the mind when take a peek at the HP’s Pavilion Wave is that, are you by chance looking at the triangular flower vase or a bed lamp on the center table? The sleek and the stylish looking vase is nothing but a high performing desktop housing a 6th generation Intel Core processor. The audio is powered by the Bang and Olufsen.

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Five Reasons Why Macbooks Have An Edge Over Windows Laptops

Ideally, it’s not an apple to apple comparison. We are pitching the Macbooks against the whole lot of Windows laptops out there. However, there is a lion’s share of people who use Macbooks in the market; therefore, comparing the Macbooks versus Windows laptop is worthwhile. We at Dubai Laptop Rental, offer all models of Macbooks on rent for the diehard Macbook users in Dubai, right from the newest addition 12” Macbook to Macbook Pro and what lies in between. (more…)

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