Common MacBook Related Issues and Repair Solutions


Common MacBook Related Issues and Repair Solutions

MacBook’s are the preferred choice of business and creative professionals for presenting work in a more engaging and attractive manner.

MacBook’s are known for their versatility and less susceptibility to damages. That said, MacBook’s are electronic devices prone to wear and tear.

For preventing loss of data and further damage to the device, any MacBook issue should be dealt with by an expert.

Few common issues with the MacBook:-

MacBook doesn’t turn on: The MacBook suddenly goes dead and does not reboot. There might be several reasons for this issue.

    •         RAM issues
    •         Bad left Input/output board
    •         Faulty Adapter
  •         Thermal sensor issues
  •         Faulty logic board


Insufficient RAM, unplugged thermal sensors, or a faulty adapter might cause the MacBook to go dead. A faulty logic board also causes the problem. The solution to this kind of issue is to replace the faulty logic board with a new one, check if the RAM is sufficient, and check the proper functioning of the adapter. Resolving the issue by identifying the problem will get the MacBook back to work.

Removing the power cord shuts the MacBook: The MacBook shuts down immediately after removing the power chord. The power of the MacBook shows fully charged but shuts down when unplugged from the power source. This might be the cause of a dead battery. The battery doesn’t retain charge, and hence the MacBook shuts down after being unplugged. Replacing the battery with a new one will resolve the issue.

MacBook with a faint display: The MacBook displays a black screen, and the output on the screen is not visible properly. It might be due to a backlight issue. The backlight is not working, or the inverter is bad. If the backlight fails while moving the display, it might be a problem with the inverter cables. The solution for this is to replace the inverter first and then the LCD display.

MacBook flashing a question mark (?) while turning on: The system displays the flashing question mark when it can’t find a bootable operating system. It could be due to a corrupt OS, insufficient RAM, or hard drive failure. Run Apple’s Disk Utility and try to repair the disk. Installing a higher capacity RAM or downgrading it to a lower version OS will fix this.

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