Computer Rental Services: Desktops Still In The Game

Computer Rental Services: Desktops Still In The Game

Are Desktops a Thing of the Past?

Despite many ups and downs, the desktops seem to hold to their place no matter how many smaller gadgets are introduced to do the similar job. Of late, the laptops, tablets and now the mobiles offer the same utility factor th
at the desktops offer. Then, the obvious question is why choosing a desktop over these latest gadgets that offer better portability and ease of use?

We here, at Dubai Laptop Rental, who offer all kinds of computer rental services in Dubai, would like to give you an unbiased view on why desktops are still preferred in certain areas, though there are laptops, notebooks, tablets or even mobiles that fit the bill.

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Power Unleashed

Experts keep saying that you can expect better performance where the desktops are concerned, with higher multi-tasking capabilities and revved up speeds. But, in what terms is the performance better?

• Basically, the much efficient desktop CPUs with overwhelming processing speeds and the graphics processors that can put its counterparts in place, come way cheaper.

• You can use the monitor size of your choice especially if you are into watching movies or gaming where you need a larger size of the monitor. The laptops, on the other hand, can only offer 18 in. at the maximum.

• Expandable desktops that can house numerous graphic cards offer the possibility of adding more number of displays at the same time.

Matchless for Gaming:

There are numerous fans out there who love gaming to the core. Though laptops offer you the mobility to carry wherever you wish to, there are other factors that give the desktops the edge.

GPU Performance: No matter how far the laptops have come, they cannot beat the desktops, where the gaming is concerned. The mobile or the Laptop (Graphics Processing Unit) GPUs cannot keep up with the Desktop GPUs.

CPU Performance: Despite extensive gaming, the desktops remain to be better where performance is concerned given the bigger fans to cool down the processor. On the other hand, the laptops get the smaller cooling equipment due to the space constraints.

Upgradability: If you are looking at a relatively smaller investment for the time being with the plans to upgrade the system later, then desktop offers all the upgradability to want.

Ideal for Home Use

When all you are looking at is basic browsing of the internet, checking emails, possible gaming and recreation, then desktops are a more affordable option as compared to its counterparts.


There are many factors to consider before you decide whether a desktop is better or a laptop for your business. Here are those:

Mobility: If mobility is not an issue and you are sure to work from the office, then a desktop is a good choice as it is an affordable option to a laptop.

Functionality: Desktops are easier to use given a separate keyboard, monitor and a mouse.

Cost: Even the most powerful desktops are far more reasonably priced than laptops. Moreover, the laptop repairs are expensive as the spare parts are difficult to obtain as compared to the desktops.

In spite of all the controversies related to a better buying option- a desktop or a laptop computer, there is a recent study that is a favour or the desktop lovers. Apparently, this study shows that there is a significant increase in the sales of the desktops of late. Nevertheless, if you are still keen on the portability factor that the desktops shy away from the offering, you can go for a desktop and a tablet to experience the best of the both worlds.

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