Eight Ways to Ensure Cyber Security on Your Windows PC

Eight Ways to Ensure Cyber Security on Your Windows PC

Day in and day out we hear about the cyber crimes happening in different parts of the world. It is not just about the money theft caused by hacking the bank account details, data theft is another impending problem that can happen to anybody. Agreed that Windows comes with a lot of security, however, we need to take the lead and keep updating the security system for the protecting our PCs. Dubai Laptop Rental is a computer rental company that offers laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, copiers and other computer peripherals on rent for every use.


Hackers depend on the spyware, malware or they might even stoop to any low like stealing your PC itself to extract the data from your computer. It could be for money or more importantly the competitors of your company could target for the data theft. It is important to keep the security systems in place. In this article, we will see the necessary measures need to be taken to keep your data from walking out of the door.

1. Keep your Antivirus Software up-to-date:

The anti-virus software automatically starts running in the background once your Windows is loaded, which not only checks for viruses but is also capable of detecting the spyware/malware.

2. Seek a second opinion anti-virus check:

If you are terribly concerned about your data theft, it is ideal to run free anti-virus/spyware removal software periodically just to eliminate the risk.

3. Activate your Firewall settings:

Ideally, a firewall is like a virtual door that keeps the unwanted traffic from your computer going outside or coming inside the network. Data can be sent out by emails or by peer-peer file sharing. You have to set the firewall settings in such a way, that no data can be sent outbound. All you have to do is, set the firewall settings in place by choosing ‘firewall’ option from the control panel.

4. Make your computer gets the updates:

Windows offers updates for a reason. So, keep the settings in such a way that you get the Windows updates automatically.

5. Maintain two accounts:

It is advisable to maintain two accounts, an administrator account and a standard account for better security. It is recommended to go to control panel, User Accounts and set up an administrator account, then set the account you have been using as a standard account and continue using it.

6. Set Browser settings:

Like Windows, your browser also has to be set up to keep updating automatically.

7. Password-protected folders:

Use password-protected folders to keep your sensitive data safe from those who might seek to steal your data. Make sure your passwords are strong, different and complex so that the thief finds it difficult to hack.

8. Beware of malicious E-mails:

Learn to identify the malicious emails. The email might just be packed with malware. So, check for the warning signs that the emails have. Firstly, these are the emails sent to a bulk of people at random, so they will not be addressing you in person, secondly, there is usually an attachment or links provided in the body of the email, which you are not supposed to click. If you happen to hover your mouse on these links, they show weird addresses.

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