Gaming Laptop Rental Guide 2018 – What Specifications to consider?


Gaming Laptop Rental Guide 2018 – What Specifications to consider?

Laptops have come a long way in the last few years and have brought in much scope for games and have become the most widely accepted amongst the numerous users across the landscapes. Laptop Rental would be a great choice if you are looking to experience the gaming to a new level. Gaming laptops have transformed themselves as one of the most powerful gadgets which brings in new technological platform.

Gaming Laptop Rental

Gaming Laptop Architecture:

  • In general, the gaming laptop requires fast processors in place with high graphics and High Dimension (HD) screen resolutions.
  • In fact, in few gaming laptops a significant disk space with high memory capacity (RAM) is highly recommended.

Required hardware parameters for gaming laptops:

Graphics card:

The major part of the gaming laptop is the usage of the Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU. The gaming laptops require a high-end graphics card with a dedicated random access memory or the RAM to play the high dimension video games with ease. The default integrated graphics which is generally being used for normal computational laptops would always fall short to sustain the 3D supported games. In general GPU’s of 10180 TI is best suited to run games efficiently

Graphics card along with at least 250 MB of video memory is substantially required to run a game without much a hassle.


The gaming laptops require a minimum of dual-core central processing unit or the CPU which has quad-core 7th generation Intel core i5 based chipsets in place to run the gaming laptops. The data processing is one of the vital element which becomes absolutely necessary for the gadget.

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Hard drive:

The hard drives becomes the most essential component to run gaming laptops efficiently, a minimum recommendation for a gaming laptop hard drives would be a 7200 rpm hard drives which becomes a faster hard drive as compared to the conventional hard drives used in other normal laptops. In certain cases, users resort to combine two or more hard drives to run the gaming software which runs the storage space in terabytes or TB.

Display and Visuals:

The main attribute that a gaming laptop could bring with it is the way the display screen and the visuals are displayed. The display screens and the visuals define the quality of the gaming software which runs with the most clearly defined sound quality. In the recent trend, the high end gaming laptops scales up to full 1080p displays which brings in the best of viewing for the users.

The gaming laptop in the recent past has tremendously replaced the desktop variants as the gaming laptop also brings about the suitable portability with them.

Prominent Gaming Laptop Series:

  • Alienware 17 R4: one of the gaming laptop series comes with a 7th generation Intel CPU and Nvidia GTX 1070 or 1080 GPUs that become a perfect choice for users who want to have the most virtual reality in the gaming laptop series. The gaming laptop comes with a 17-inch mobile screen size for better view.
  • Dell inspiron 15 7000: It delivers smooth frame rates on the latest games with Nvidia GTX 1060 (Max-Q) GPU, the battery in Dell inspiron lasts for 7 hours on the exclusive web surfing.

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