Is A Rental Laptop in Dubai Profitable For Businesses?


Is A Rental Laptop in Dubai Profitable For Businesses?

When we talk about laptop rental in Dubai, one question we all tend to have is – is it worth it? Is it really profitable to opt for laptop rental from reputed companies like Techno Edge Systems LLC rather than buying a laptop directly? The answer will be clearly evident once you finish reading this article, and hopefully, you will be able to make a decision- one way or the other by the end of it.

Laptop Rental in Dubai

Firstly, one thing that we need to clearly state is that we are going to talk only about monetary benefit here, totally in a businesslike manner. We will not be talking about emotional feelings of owning laptops of your own, or bragging rights of having paid for it completely. This tends to cloud our judgment. While emotions are good to have in personal life, professionally speaking, they need to be kept on the side to ensure proper running of the business. Now that this point is cleared, let us elaborate on the topic at hand.

Here are a few points as to why laptop rental is more profitable-

– Lesser initial investment:

For every business, cash flow is very important and this means keeping cash in hand for expansion purposes, marketing and paying bills. If you put up a lot of money for buying laptops, you end up having lesser cash for other purposes. Every businessman knows that having cash in hand today is better than anything else. If you can use this money for marketing and get even one extra client, then it is a huge payoff, isn’t it? So, this point is a very important one in favor of laptop rental in Dubai.

– Lesser Exposure:

While it is not a pleasant thing to talk about, every sensible businessperson knows and understands that it is better to reduce your exposure to depreciating assets. The truth is that once you buy an electronic product, the price drastically reduces with each passing month. So, if you are spending a certain amount on laptops, the amount you can recover in case you want to sell it keeps reducing with every passing day.

This means that in case you need to free up some capital or shut down your business for any reason, you will lose money on purchased laptops. With rental laptops, however, you can just stop paying the rent and return them to the supplier. This is again, a huge point in favor of renting laptops.

– No Downtime:

If you purchase a laptop, you will have to wait for a service technician to come and repair it every time something goes wrong. If a certain part is affected and has to be replaced, you will have to wait till it arrives and can be replaced. This results in a lot of downtimes, since without a computer; one person is out of work to do!

However, when you rent a laptop, you and just call the concerned provider, and he will immediately arrive with a replacement and ensure that there is zero downtime while the laptop is being repaired. Win, win for everyone!


Here, it is amply visible that renting a laptop is highly profitable for a business if it is done through the right sources like and can reduce effort, time, and expenses.

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