Tips from our Rental Services to find the right Laptop

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Tips from our Rental Services to find the right Laptop

Out of the wide variety of laptops available in the market, it is a tough choice for a PC buyer. There are dozens of laptop models manufactured by the big names in the PC industry. The smart way is to pick one by analyzing the features and specifications a laptop is equipped with. Dubai Laptop Rental offers you a wide variety of laptops of various brands and models with flexible renting options.

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While choosing a laptop, here is the list of things to remember:


As consumers always do, weighing the budget and the features allows one to take the right decision. It is also quite obvious that one will have to invest more while expecting for higher quality. For example, Ultrabooks might take your budget high, yet they are super thin and light weighted and have a lot to benefit from. Chromebooks, on the other hand cost less and lay out plenty of choice, out of which the best quality Chromebook can be chosen saving money simultaneously.

Screen size:

Portability is one major aspect many laptop users look for, especially if on the go most of the time. Usually, the laptops with screen size ranging from 12 – 14 inches claim to be easy for carrying. For placing on the desk or for other immobile purposes, a 15-inch would fit fine. On the other hand, 17 – 18 inch laptops are heavy and act like gaming gigs and media machines.

Battery life:

Battery life is an important consideration if one does not want to confine the work to the desk alone. If one would like to relax on the couch to watch favorite shows or use the device during travel, portability matters and here is where the battery life is an important aspect to think of. With longer battery life of at least 8 hours, looking for the charging outlet every now and then will not be troublesome.

Coming to the specifications, patience is the limit to exploring them but some of those that deserve a look at are:


On an average, Intel Core i5 provides the quality performance most want. But for high end functions like gaming or video editing, Intel Core i7 is the ultimate one. Any basic level tasks would just need Intel Core i3.

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RAM is what determines the overall performance of a laptop and 8GB of it is said to be ideal. It is, however, common to find the RAM lesser in low budget laptops, which perform at a slower pace.


For power users and those who do gaming on the laptop or any advanced programming, the device demands much internal storage. Otherwise, for an average user an internal storage of 256GB would just suffice the need.

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