Which is Better – MacBook or MacBook Pro?


Which is Better – MacBook or MacBook Pro?

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Since you are here, you are either on the verge of choosing between MacBook and MacBook Pro, or, you are just trying to gain some insight on which of the two Macbooks is doing better. Choosing between the two powerful Macbooks is definitely tough as despite the gap between the prices and significant difference in performance; there isn’t a huge disparity in terms of design and the quality factors both the MacBook models offer. However, the price factor can be duly eliminated in case you are considering MacBook Rental. Nevertheless, we will discuss how the mighty MacBook Pro and the less powerful MacBook fare up in terms of specs, design, and feature. We at Dubai Laptop Rental who offer the entire range of MacBook rental in Dubai, be it the aged MacBook Air rental, simple yet impressive original MacBook rental, or the amazing MacBook Pro rental.

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MacBook Vs MacBook Pro :

Design an Appearance: While both are extremely thin looking, superbly designed models that could be the cause of other’s envy, the MacBook Pro is slightly bigger and hence heavier in comparison.

The MacBook is compact with a 12-inch display, weighing 0.9 kg with slight 13.1 mm in thickness. If you are looking for a compact, thin and truly light-weight model, the MacBook is the ideal choice.

The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is slightly bigger with 13-inch and 15-inch display screens. The former weighs 1.37 kg, while the latter tips the scale at 1.83 kg. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is 14.9 mm in thickness and the 15-inch MacBook Pro is 15.5 mm.

Technical Specs: This is the area you might want to focus, to make a choice between the both. The MacBook has a meek 1.2-1.3 GHz dual-core 7th generation Intel Core i3 or i5 processor with 8GB RAM.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch models have 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and upwards with 8GB and 16GB RAM respectively. While the 15-inch model offers 256 GB and 512 GB storage, the 13-inch model starts from a 128 GB option. Both MacBook Pro models offer superior gaming experience as they come with integrated Intel GPUs with an option of Radeon Pro card option to up the experience on the 15-inch model.

Features: You wouldn’t find much difference across all models where the features are concerned except for the four Thunder-bolts, USB-C port in MacBook Pros against the MacBook’s single USB-C port and the presence of Touch bar in the MacBook Pros.

Having all said, the MacBook is a slightly aged model as compared to the MacBook Pro. However, if you are considering the MacBook rental, then you can leave the time factor out as you can keep rotating the models as per your requirement. Clearly MacBook Pro is a winner in all aspects unless you want an ultra-portable model where the original MacBook has an edge. In case you are contemplating MacBook rental in Dubai, choose Dubai Laptop Rental for the latest, well-maintained MacBooks. Contact us at +971-50-7559892 or visit our website www.dubailaptoprental.com for more information.

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