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Have you ever heard of the saying, “Bigger is better?” When it comes to the iPad, this is by all accounts one- hundred percent true. Prior to the release of this tablet by Steve Jobs, few people made fun of it and rejected it- saying that it was only a larger than usual iPod Touch or an iPhone with a bigger display which would just be inconvenient and impractical.

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Everyone who did so was forced to eat their words when individuals everywhere throughout the world purchased the iPad in huge numbers and made it the smash hit, which was running out of stock only a few hours after the device launch. The rental market was not untouched by this and the iPad rental and iPad hire market flourished so much that people had to make bookings several days prior to getting their own iPad for rent…

A long way from simply being a “curiously large iPod Touch,” the iPad turned out to be a progressive and innovative piece of technology that changed the way individuals read, played, worked and interacted digitally. The nay-sayers just had to accept that they were wrong about how revolutionary the device was. The launch of the iPad prompted the ushering in of a new era in a digital technology called the ‘Tablet Revolution’ and the iPad still leads this revolution by a long mile which is evident in the demand that is displayed for iPad rentals even today!

Benefits of iPad Rental:

In any case, what precisely is so extraordinary about the iPad? Why is it superior to the iPhone or even other tablets? What gives it the prime number one spot year after a year, despite several companies launching their own tablets?.

The following are a portion of the reasons why the iPad is the leading tablet since its inception:

1. Easy To Use for Reading:

To begin with, size is one thing that matters a lot when it comes to display devices. At around ten inches of screen size, the iPad is impressively larger than the iPhone or the iPod Touch (these last two are rough of a similar size, 3.5 inches). This implies better Internet usage, better video, picture clarity, and better utilization of applications available on the iPad. Truth be told, tech lovers of all ages and inclinations are re-finding the joys of reading and watching movies on the iPad.

Reading e-books on the iPad conveys a novel vibe to the hobby that has been relegated to libraries and bedrooms. Almost every book is launched with an ebook version since the iPad entered the market. Ipad applications, for example, iBooks and Kindle, help people read novels, magazines, and newspapers on the device. While this is inconvenient on phones due to the small size of the screen, laptops suffer due to their huge size, bulk, and lesser battery backup.

2.Better Quality Screen:

Not only the iPad’s screen holds larger than most other mobile devices; its resolution of 1024×768 pixels is something that leaves most competitors to bite the dust. Another thing which cannot be measured in units is the brilliant quality, a soothing glow which doesn’t hurt the eyes and the overall color and contrast of the screen.

Moreover, the iPad has a greater storage room of up to 64 GB, which is sufficient for anyone’s entire collection of books, novels, pictures, and reports.

3.Technical Brilliance:

All said and done, no device can survive and flourish in the market if it is not technically sound. The processor, battery backup, and speed of the iPad are sufficient to hook anyone to the device, irrespective of the other features it brings to the table. You will experience no lag at all and the operating system bends in beautifully with the hardware which makes renting an iPad a pleasure.

4.Impeccable Design Quality:

Another major benefit which cannot be sidelined is the design brilliance behind the iPad. This has been among the most important factors for the flourishing iPad Rental option. The iPad is built luxuriously and feels aesthetically pleasing like no other tablet. The technical brilliance notwithstanding, it comes with metallic alloy plating at the back, which not only looks and feels glorious, but also critical for keeping it cool. The next to non-existent bevels spice up the design further and make the iPad look like the premium tablet it is.

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