Macbook Repair Dubai

There is an endless open deliberation as to whether Macs may be “better“; than PCs. “Better“ is obviously a subjective term; for example, while Macs are for the most part recognized to be less demanding to utilize, in case you’re a long-lasting Windows client the first occasion when you sit before a Mac, it surely won’t appear that way.

MacBook Repair Dubai

In any case, the genuine cost of proprietorship ought to be figured in light of the procurement cost, as well as the leftover incentive after you offer it or exchange it in- and this is apart from the cost of any repairs that you might have to undertake on your Mac.

Reliable MacBook repair near me:

Its the contrast between these numbers that truly discloses to you what your Mac actually cost you. When you ascertain the cost of possession in that way, Macs win effortlessly, but that is based on one important point- the macbook repair has to be done by an authorized and trusted person. This is because Macs are highly well engineered machines which require a very skilled person to repair.

Unless a qualified person repairs it, chances are that they will either not repair it properly and this will cause future problems, causing your maintenance cost to go up

The following are some of the major problems related to hardware in Macs:

  • Hinges broken
  • Base damage
  • Screen panel damage
  • Screen cable issue

Apart from the hardware damage, there are other issues which are quite common in Macs with regard to the battery life and device specifications:

  • Battery not charging
  • Cooling fan issues
  • Over heating
  • Water spilt
  • DC Jack issue
  • Power button issue
  • Auto power off
  • USB not detectable
  • LAN port dysfunction and Wi-Fi issues
  • Touch Screen issue

We at Dubai Laptop Rental are experts at MacBook repair Dubai and we promise you that your MacBook will return to you in a good as new condition. Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mother board replacements
  • Keyboard replacements
  • Cooling fan replacements
  • Screen replacements
  • Base replacements
  • Touch Pad replacements
  • Battery replacements
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Speaker’s replacements.
  • RAM replacements
  • DVD drive replacements
  • Adapter replacements.

You can then decide on the best course of action after discussing with our team, because we strongly believe in the ethos of customer satisfaction and transparency.

Be convinced that we never overcharge or under-deliver on our promises. Or else we would not be having a large list of clients, organizations, banks, offices and several other behemoths coming to us for all their MacBook repair needs in Dubai.

It is our drive for excellence that has made us one of the top MacBook Repair companies in Dubai, UAE.

Whenever you need to get your MacBook repaired, just get in touch with us at +971-50-7559892 and we will guide on how to approach your problem!