Laptop Rentals for Multiple Usage in Dubai

Do you run a business which requires you to set up several laptops for usage by your employees?

Are you a freelancer who requires the most up to date laptops to ensure that you are always at the top of the range when it comes to providing services to your clients?

No matter which of the above categories you fall into, your partner for all your laptop requirements is Dubai Laptop Rental.

Are you a student who needs to create presentations and study late nights on your laptop?

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Are you a gamer who requires high standard laptops to provide you the best ever experience whole playing your favorite games?

Hiring, Renting, or Leasing Your Favorite Brand of Laptops and Notebooks get Easier with us. We are your one stop destination for latest and multiple versions of laptop rental in Dubai.

Why Should I Hire A Laptop?

Buying a laptop is an unnecessary expense under most circumstances.

If you run a business, there is no point spending a huge chunk of your capital on hardware which will just depreciate in value over time. If you are a freelancer or a gamer, you will need to switch laptops regularly. Rather than buying a new one every year, just change the model that you are renting. If you are a student, then your money is better spent on additional certificate courses rather than purchasing a new laptop.

For all of the above reasons it is better to rent a laptop or lease a laptop instead of buying one.

How Do I Rent A Laptop?

We, at Dubai Laptop Rental help you find the laptop of your choice, depending on your requirements. A person who needs a laptop just to view Excel sheets and browse the Internet doesn’t need a high performance laptop worth a few thousand dollars, a software developer needs a laptop which can handle the workload that the system will be subject to.

We help you decide which laptops to rents and whether you should lease a laptop or rent it, depending on your work.

Choose from a wide range of brands- Asus, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba and several more to find the best fit for your requirements and get your dream laptop for a fraction of the market price.

About Us

Dubai Laptop Rental has been at the forefront of the laptop rental and laptop lease services for several years now. With clients spanning the range of Multi-National Companies, banks, individual owners and a lot more, we claim a vast presence in the laptop hire market.

Why Our ‘Rent A Laptop’ Services Are The Best In The Market

Prior service and check:

It has always been a constant endeavor from our side to ensure that the laptops our clients rent from us are functioning optimally, have no residual spyware or malware and are safe for use even in the most security conscious industries.

Our team of software experts ensures that the laptops you get are purged of any prior data and given to you in brand new working condition. Our commitment to provide quality products along with our desire to provide the best variety to our customers ensures that we have come out on top of any rival or competitor in the market.

Reasonable Prices:

We offer the best prices in the market for any comparable product. Our strategy of manpower management, proper training and providing great choices ensures that our overheads are low and this benefit is passed on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

Quick Exchange and Repair:

If you ever have problems with your rented laptops, just let us know and we will immediately send over a replacement for you. No more waiting for several days to have your laptop repaired.

Customer First Attitude:

In the course of using our services, you will realize that the entire framework of our business has been setup with the intention of providing a great experience to our customers and ensuring that they feel that they have received the value for their money.

The fact that we have hundreds of repeat customers just goes on to show how much our customers trust us, and how much we value them.

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Laptop Rental for Home

If you need laptop rental for your personal use at home, just let us know your requirements you have from your laptop, the configuration you require, the brand you prefer and we will come up with the perfect model for use at home.

Laptop Rental for Business

Businesses typically require cheaper, functional laptops rather than high performance laptops, and realizing this, we have developed a huge stock of such laptops to fulfill any such bulk orders. Laptops provided for business purposes are also a lot more secure and we ensure that they are in top notch condition before you get to use them.

Laptop Rental for Events

If your requirement for laptops is even for a single day or a couple of days due to an event, do not hesitate to contact us. We consider every customer equal- irrespective of duration of rental, number of laptops required and so on. We will do our best to provide you with the laptops of your choosing

Laptop Rental for Long Term

Several businesses or individuals have long term requirements of laptops; as such laptop lease is the best option for them. We provide laptops on lease for people who need them at very competitive prices and several favorable conveniences which can be designed based on the customer’s requirements.


We not only provide various laptops for rent but also give you the option of renting various other gadgets like workstation rentals, LCD TV rentals, LED Screen rentals, Computer Rentals, Printer rentals, AV rentals, Sound system rentals, Macbook rentals, iPad rentals and a lot more.

Basically, we supply whatever electronic gadgets you require for seamless transition from your work life to your home life to your personal life.

Whatever you require, all you need to do is call Dubai Laptop Rental and tell us your requirements. We will do our best to fulfill them even if they are not listed here.

Consider Dubai Laptop Rentals as your technology partner- irrespective of whether you are a single user, a freelancer, a small company, a banking corporation of a multi- national company. We have a portfolio that is capable of providing for everyone, anywhere in Dubai, UAE.

Our portfolio also consists of our services which are laptop repair services , MacBook repair services and service of all the other products that we offer. Our dedicated team of qualified and trained engineers and technicians makes sure that all your equipment is in proper working order at all times.

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