Chromecast: A smart way to have the PC hooked up to a TV

Chromecast: A smart way to have the PC hooked up to a TV

Time and again, people have been a victim of outdated technology putting into use the old practices and not enjoying the fruits of latest inventions. For those who are a little behind in such matters, this article will help you with one of the gimmicks of how a PC and a TV can work hand in hand to offer you the mind boggling experience of bringing together the smartness of the PC and the versatility of a TV on a single platform.

There were times, when people used to struggle to have the PC experience on the large display screen of the TV. They used to try out with connecting the cables from the PC to the TV and set up the right screen resolution to make it work. The same scenario holds good with the HDMI cables as well. However, now there is an easy way out to have the PC hooked up to the TV, and it is with the dongle called the Chromecast.

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What is a Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is basically a device that helps connect the PC to a TV using the HDMI port of the TV through a USB cable. Here your PC will act as the remote, controlling all the functionalities from where you can stream the Netflix, YouTube videos apart from viewing the content from the Google Chrome.

What are the basic requirements to use Chromecast?

You would need a PC, a HDTV and a Chromecast set that contains the Chromecast, a power adapter and a USB cable. If your TV has the USB port, then you will not require using the adapter, else you will need to plug in to the power outlet. The Chromecast works well with the Windows OS or the Mac OS.

What is the need of a Chromecast?

As mentioned, Chromecast is ideal for use for viewing the videos that are streaming on your PC on a fairly bigger screen. It enables your whole family members to watch together, unlike on the PC or a mobile where you might have to watch all alone.

When exactly you do not need a Chromecast?

If you are laid back and interested in watching what the cable operator offers you, then the Google Chromecast isn’t of much use. Similarly, if you do not have the subscription of the Netflix or Hulu, then it limits the use of the Chromecast. Or else if you have the alternatives to the Chromecast which are the Roku, Apple TV or Xbox One, then there is no point in going for the Chromecast.

How to set up the Chromecast connection?

Before you might be able to watch the movies and stuff on your TV using the Chromecast, there is something that you need to do. Your PC and the Chromecast should be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection to set the ball rolling. With the PC, you can easily check the Wi-Fi you are connected to, however, with the Chromecast, you need to check at the Google Home app on your mobile from where you will be controlling the Chromecast.

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