Free Top 10 Alternatives to Expensive Software

Free Top 10 Alternatives to Expensive Software

Being smart doesn’t cost you anything; in fact it saves money if you act on it…

Sometimes, we need to be practical and not just get carried away. Instead of putting strain on our pockets, if we just browse through the net we can get the alternative options for the software that we have been spending a lot of money upon. Here are the top ten alternative solutions.

1. Google Drive

This is the most sought after alternative till date. The desktop Office suite replacement is for sure saves you a lot of bucks as the traditional Office suites are pricey and for God sakes who want to spend that kind of money, when you can have the work done and more with the Google Drive or rather Google Docs. Not saying that Google Drive will amply do for Office suite, but with the help of other Plug ins, add-ons and tools, we can sure make up for it.

2. Linux

Another hot software alternative that needs a special mention on the list is the Linux. It could be for any reason, for saving money or looking for a more user friendly OS, Linux Mint or Ubuntu is your best bet as a replacement for Windows OS or Mac OS.

3. DaVinci Resolve

A video editing tool to the core, DaVinci Resolve is an ideal free alternative for a home or professional use. It started off to be a regular color grading tool which had to be bought off back then, however, spread its wings and transformed to be a video editing tool few years down the line that comes free of cost for Windows and Mac OS. Nevertheless, there is a paid version of this tool as well.

4. VirtualBox

Do not think virtualisation is not your cup of tea. If you want to pre-test the software or tools just to ensure your computer is safe by all means, then VirtualBox is the place, which is available for free for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Try it out by all means!.


The Linux Multi-Media Studio (LMMS) is by no means the replacement for the professional music-making tool, but ideal for the home use. Its speciality is despite being a free software, it has everything that a music composer needs, however in moderation. Right from sequencing, composing, mixing, creating melodies and beats, synthesizing, arranging samples, you name it and you will find it in LMMS.

free top 10 alternative software

6. Avira and Sophos

One should always be concerned about the health of your computer especially when you are a ‘weboholic’ or you are a constant web user. If you are web smart, you would download the Avira for Windows or Sophos for Mac OS which is absolutely free for virus and malware protection of your computer.

7. Blender

Blender is a free cross-platform functional 3D modelling, 3D printing and 3D animation that that is ideal for the starters. Though not a replacement for the professional tools like Maya, it is certainly the way to go for the beginners. It is available for free for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

8. Inkscape

Do not want to drain your pockets to get an adobe illustrator to design logos, or work with vector graphics, then Inkscape is the alternative that comes free of cost for Windows, Mac OS and linux platforms.

9. Libre Office

What comes for free doesn’t mean, is worthless. Libre Office is a perfect alternative for MS Office. It has been around for a long time now, which can help you open the MS Office files without actually buying it. It is available for free for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

10. GIMP

An Adobe Photoshop free alternative, GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Program. It can do as much as Photoshop can do for you, if you really want it to. However, for a beginner, it might pose to be a problem, but one can get the hang of it easily once used. Available across the platforms like Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux.

Having these options in hand is always helpful as you never know when you might have to make use of any of these alternatives.

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