Get impressed with Dell XPS 13 from Laptop Rental Dubai

Get impressed with Dell XPS 13 from Laptop Rental Dubai

In the quest to design a more compact model, Dell introduced Dell XPS 13 into the PC world two years ago and since then it has been grabbing attention from PC lovers. Equipped with wonderful features, it surely entices you to the core and compels you to bring it home from the store. Out of the pluses it carries, the very first one that attracts the eye is the stunning display with almost invisible bezel. Another notable spec is the easy-to-use keyboard. A little inspection into its features could be reminding you over and over about having one. With Laptop Rental Dubai, hire the Dell XPS 13 and enjoy its invaluable features if renting is what you choose.

What are the compelling features of Dell XPS 13?

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Superb battery life:

Dell XPS delivers longer battery life lasting up to 11 hours and with the Dell Power companion it can be extended up to 15 hours.

Intel Kaby Lake processor:

Both sets of Dell with 7th Generation Core i5-7200U processor or Core i7-7500U processor are prompt at providing swift performance.


The display comes with a very thin bezel freeing up the screen to have more space. With the 5.2mm border, it claims to be the thinnest frame on a notebook making your screen experience worthwhile without any distraction.

Keyboard and touch pad:

The Dell XPS 13 is quite interesting with 1.2 mm travel distance; the spacing is very convenient for use. The touch pad is accompanied with a smooth finishing and it is pleasing for you to glide your fingers across.


If spending huge money is what worries you, Dell has to offer a non-touch screen model on which you can save some money sparing the touch screen feature. You can get the sleek design of Dell XPS 13 and at the same time save money as well.

Not Dell alone, avail the opportunity of hiring any laptop of your choice like Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba or Samsung etc from Dubai Laptop Rental. We are one stop destination for your various rental needs. We undertake single to bulk orders with short or long term rental options.

If you are planning to rent a Dell XPS 13 for your personal use, Visit our site or Call us at +971-50-7559892 and request a free quote.

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