How to Fix Frequent Laptop Hang or Freezing Issues?

How to Fix Frequent Laptop Hang or Freezing Issues?

Users find it tedious to get critical tasks done when their laptops hang or freeze during an important meeting. It impacts the productivity and loss of valuable time.

It can happen to any laptop, regardless of its make or operating system, be it Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or even mac OS.

There are a few categories of laptop hang issues.

Hang: When specific programs are run on the laptop it freezes and needs restarting.

Random hang: When the system turns unresponsive frequently and needs restarting it to recover data from the hard disk.

Generic freeze: The system turns unresponsive and turns to a normal functional state without any troubleshooting.

Single-app freeze: When a specific application, program, or game is running on your system.

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10 Reasons for Laptop Hang Issue:

Multiple Apps running: Opening multiple applications and not closing them after use will consume a lot of resources as memory is used to keep the applications running.

Driver issues: The video drivers and other necessary drivers installed on the laptop need to be updated regularly. Outdated drivers or incompatible drivers lead to laptop freeze. Check the driver updates and analyse the windows device manager to check for scheduled device updates.

Operating system issues: Software updates are done automatically with a genuine version of the operating system. It is necessary to install all the updates to ensure the system operates efficiently.

Laptop heating issue: The laptop freezes when the temperature of the processor is higher than usual. Abnormal noise on start-up and squealing are a few symptoms to detect the higher temperature of the processor.

Hardware misconfiguration: Any new hardware component installed on the laptop may cause laptop freeze if it is not compatible with the hardware. It is advised to remove the hardware component and check the system’s functioning.

Insufficient RAM: Applications and 3D games running on the device make it bulky and hence the system hangs. Insufficient RAM causes this problem. Upgrading RAM will resolve this issue.

BIOS issue: Modifying the BIOS settings also leads to system freezing. Overclocking system processors or RAM causes instability and system freeze.

Power issues: Inadequate power supply or sudden power surge leads to computer freeze when restarted. The issue can be resolved by using a UPS device that supplies uninterrupted power and also handles low voltage issues.

External devices: Faulty external devices like USB, keyboard, mouse, or gaming consoles cause the laptop to freeze.

Hard drive malfunction: Hard disk malfunction is alerted with a clicking sound coming from the laptop. Running a diagnostic check will resolve the issue.

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