How to Fix Overheating Laptop and Steps to Prevent It


How to Fix Overheating Laptop and Steps to Prevent It


DubaiLaptopRental, is one of the best companies for Laptop Repair Dubai, especially for laptop overheating fixes. Overheating of the laptop is extremely common problems among people who spend hours and hours on laptops for various reasons, such as work-related activities or fun related activities like streaming series or playing games.

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A little about overheating:

Laptops getting overheated create a lot of hassle and chaos for any user but unfortunately as each day passes mostly users face this problem with increasing probability. Thus today we will discuss a few methods by which overheated laptops can be fixed and tips on how to avoid this problem from occurring.

Firstly remember, just because your laptop seems warmer than usual it doesn’t mean it’s overheating every time. To be certain that your laptop is overheating, it is best advised to check that through some app or software or program or even any kind of tool.

Tips to prevent and fix Laptop Overheating:

To prevent or fix the overheating of laptops we first need to realize what all might cause this sort of damage. The most common reasons are always related to the maintenance of the laptop. In most overheated laptop cases it is found that it is either dust jam, clogged fan or any other form of dirt stuck at any essential part of the laptop which isn’t letting the required heat present inside the laptop to be let out. Thus the best way to prevent your laptop from overheating would be to make sure it doesn’t stay dirty or undusted for too long. It is better to keep your laptop clean and dust-free all the time. Make sure it is covered when not in use do not leave it in the open without a cover when not in use and dust it on a daily basis.

Never leave the battery charging on for more than the required time, this overheats the battery of the device. It is also advised not to use a laptop or any electronic in that manner while it is being charged and is plugged in. Using the device while it’s plugged in increases the chances of overheated by 58 percent.


If the above-mentioned methods and fixes do not work out for you and you live in Dubai. Your laptop keeps on overheating and is really stressed on what to do with it how to get a laptop repairs Dubai then the best option would be to go for DubaiLaptopRental or

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