Laptop Rental in Dubai: Internet of Things Explained


Laptop Rental in Dubai: Internet of Things Explained

Technology is evolving like never before. Twenty five years ago while nobody might have heard about the internet; of late internet has reached almost the remote corners of the world. Today, on the other hand is the age of Internet of Things (IoT). Who knows, IoT is just what internet was 25 years ago. The concept is still in its infancy, but to keep up with the pace of the technology, opt for Laptop Rental in Dubai at Dubai Laptop Rental today.

To put the concept in the layman terms, the IoT is basically the extension of internet. The internet which is mostly restricted to the devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones, is augmented further and the types of devices in the network are a notch extended. Almost all available things on the planet will be able to communicate right from the water bottle to the tables in the office.

Laptop Rental in Dubai

Examples of IoT

The autonomous cars! The autonomous cars have already been introduced in Dubai and it is predicted that 25% of the Dubai transportation will be autonomous by 2030. However, getting back to the point, it is possible that the cars without the steering wheels or pedals exist. With the combination of the sensor technology and the artificial intelligence that can have a quick survey of the surroundings along with the GPS that can pinpoint the location, the traffic calculations can supersede the human brain.

The wristwatch you wear can be connected to the smart phone using Bluetooth from where the data can be exchanged to and from the cloud.

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IoT from the consumers’ point of view

Iot to a layman might seem like a magic, or it might seem like telekinesis (Making things move with your mind) to the educated few, however, it is definitely not both. It is the Iot that is making your home smarter. It could be that the blinds of your windows open/close based on the sunlight, or it might be that your AC temperature adjusts all by itself based on the location of the people inside the room. Can you imagine the refrigerator informing you about when the food items placed inside it are about to expire, well all of this is possible with the IoT.

While the term IoT might seem strange when you come across the concept for the first time, however, in truth we already might have started reaping its benefits. For example the smart meters, which have replaced the traditional meters, make it possible for you to just login into the electricity board website and check the consumption. Earlier we used to have a person from the electricity board to check the usage.

On the whole, the IoT concept might sound new, but it is basically the internet enhanced to more devices not restricting it to laptops or smart phones. A car and a laptop will be able to communicate going forward.

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