Opera’s new Neon, a Game-Changer in the World of Browsers?

Opera’s new Neon, a Game-Changer in the World of Browsers?

Opera Neon – a visual retreat to your eyes with some awesome features that is set to blow your mind…

After Google has launched chrome, the world of browsers has become somewhat sluggish, however, with the Opera Neon, the testing trying days are back again as something worth checking out has come our way. The moment you open the Opera Neon browser, you would be hit by the eye-catching newness of the browser, which feels like as if the browser is partying with the balloons flying all around.

The Novelty

You open the browser for the first time you will be surprised with the fact that the browser has adopted the desktop design and made it its own. Meaning, it looks just like a transparent sheet on the desktop, with the left side a panel of icons meant for opening the new tab, audio and video controls, an icon for file downloads etc. On the left side bottom corner, you have options to view the browsing history, settings, downloads etc.

The Design

Gone is the address bar and the tabs bar or the bookmarks tab that we are so used to from the latest Opera browser. Instead, there comes a single slot where you can enter the address of the website you want to visit. You will not find a separate tabs bar as such; the tabs opened will merely appear to our right in form of bubbles.

The bookmarks tab has gone kaput, instead, we will have to open a new tab to open your bookmarked page. This is a little pain in the neck as each time you want to open a bookmarked page, automatically a new tab will be opened thereby ending up with more than necessary tabs than you hope for. To bookmark a page, however, all you have to do is drop the bubble in the centre below the address slot and your page is bookmarked. Just in case if you want to remove the bookmark all you have to do is click on the tiny cross mark on the right of the bubble and the bubble will disappear into thin air just like that leaving smoke behind.

The Split Screen

For those with large screens, the browser also allows you to view two tabs in a split-screen mode where both the tabs can be viewed side by side. You can avoid the hassle of switching between the tabs when you can as well view both the pages at the same time.


The Concept Browser

Right from the beginning Opera has been stressing on the fact that the Opera Neon is a concept browser as of now and end of the day one wouldn’t want to switch to the concept browser right away as the plug-ins wouldn’t be working on this browser just yet. The new Opera browser is not expected to replace the current Opera browser as it is just in the stage of taking baby steps. However, new features are expected to be added in another month or two.

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