To Rent a Laptop Computer for Office Use – Is it Good or Bad?


To Rent a Laptop Computer for Office Use – Is it Good or Bad?

Benefits of renting a laptop :

The decision-making to make the best use of the company’s resources for a long term is always a challenging task for an organization. The think tanks of the organizations work to drive the initiatives and make a clever judgment on making profitable investments. Taking the decision to buy the laptops or rent a laptop computer is one of the hot topics in the companies.

While to rent a laptop computer makes more sense for events, conferences or business meetings, is it a best practice for classroom training and long-term office use? Let’s see the advantages and the downside of taking the laptop computers on rent.

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Why is it beneficial to rent a laptop computer for small and medium businesses (SMB)?

Best technology under budget: While there are many branded laptops, making the top laptops available for the employees is a great way to keep the employees satisfied. Taking the MacBooks on rent, or HP Probook or Lenovo Thinkpad at an economical price is getting the best of both worlds.

Latest Technology: While brands are important, staying up with the latest technology also helps in creating a good impression in front of the clients. The key decision makers of the company require the latest technology to drive the tasks. With a short-term laptop rental plan, you can return the tech equipment to the rental company and consider taking upgraded laptops on rent.

Rent as per requirement: In the companies, it is usually a case where the redundancy of the laptops is high, however, with renting the laptops, the exact number of equipment can be estimated and the extra tech equipment can be easily returned to the rental company.

Saves investment costs: Buying a bulk of laptops to provide the equipment for the employees can leave a big cleft in the capital amount. This step can prove to be detrimental to the business. At the same time, the decision to rent a laptop computer to meet the needs can be very economical as against purchasing it.

Renting can be cheaper: In case you intend to rent a laptop computer even in bulk, it can be way cheaper if it is for a short-term.

Easy disposal: Disposing of the laptops bought outright is very difficult as compared to handing over to the rental agency after the use. Furthermore, the resale value of the laptops also becomes nil as electronic goods tend to depreciate over time.

Covers maintenance and repair costs: Right from finding the technicians for a laptop repair to bearing the costs is full of hassles if a company owns the laptops. At the same time, if you rent the laptop computers, the rental company will take care of all the maintenance and repair costs.

The flipside of taking laptops on rent:

Expensive on a longer run: To rent a laptop computer might turn out to be expensive in a long run. The rental cost can outrun the cost of the laptops. However, talking to the rental firm about the monthly rental amount and the buyout options can ease the loss when the laptops are taken on lease for a longer period.

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