What is Special about Gaming Laptops?


What is Special about Gaming Laptops?

A gaming laptop has typically a higher-end graphic card that is not integrated or designed to conserve battery power, huge RAM memory and efficient processor obtaining high speeds. If you are someone who is into game events, graphic editors, music DJ’s, eSport-tournaments or software development and wish to have upper hand on your niche, constant upgradation of system is a prerequisite. Renting is the best option to keep up with technology and having the upgraded version all the time with proper maintenance support.

Whatever may be your prerequisites, DubaiLaptopRental is your comprehensive solution provider with a large in-stock of high-tech laptops and along with support for maintenance and repair.

Gaming Laptop Rental Dubai

Key Features for Gaming Laptops:

1. GPU: Graphic Processing Unit also called as graphics card or video card is a specialized electronic circuit that accelerates the creation and rendering of images, videos and animations. It performs fast math calculations while freeing the CPU to perform tasks. With advanced display technologies, such as 4K screens and high refresh rates, along with the rise of virtual reality gaming, demands on graphics processing are growing fast. With better graphics performance, games can be played at higher resolution, at faster frame rates, or both. However these graphic cards cannot be automatically updated and hence renting gaming laptops.

2. Operating System: With day to day new games and software entering the market catering to specific operating systems, it becomes a necessity to update the OS to keep with the market trends.

3. Screen and Resolution: The screen size and resolution go hand in hand. Typically 1080 p for 24inch is the most common set up. With advancing 4k and 8k UHD screen, resolutions with 3840×2160 and 7680×4320 screen sizes 27+ and 32+ inches are best suited. You also can select flat or curved monitor screen as per your personal preference.

4. Illuminated Special Keyboard with gaming mouse: It makes your gaming experience much more fun. With the use of mechanical switches for the gaming keyboard, it enables light key press, less weight and long life span. Also the illuminated laptops assists for keyboard shortcuts in pitch dark rooms while playing games. Gaming mice are designed to be highly precise and responsive with around 4000 DPI (dots per inch).

5. Efficient cooling system: With intense gaming sessions and an efficient cooling system and ventilated exterior is must for the laptop’s sustained stability and safety.

Gaming laptops built with latest technology and efficient hardware, it’s quite an expensive amenity. DubaiLaptopRental offers customized Gaming Laptop Rental in Dubai with assorted range of brands as well as configurations in affordable and reasonable prices. For quotation visit our website – www.dubailaptoprental.com.

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