What Precautions Should be Taken Before Sending Laptop for Repair?

What Precautions Should be Taken Before Sending Laptop for Repair?

Laptops are electronic devices which may have a few operational issues upon prolonged use. To resolve such issues, it is always advisable to approach an experienced service center for quality repair services.

Laptops have become an essential part of our daily life as they are used for almost any task whether it is personal or business activity.

But, before giving the laptop for repair it is always advisable to take few necessary steps to ensure the data is safe and not misused by the service provider.

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Steps to Follow Before Sending Laptops for Repair:

Save crucial data on cloud: Storing the important data on cloud allows users to access the data from any other device when the laptop is sent for repair. So make sure that the useful files and other data necessary for the current project is already in the folder Dropbox, cloud storage or OneDrive. It allows to access the data from other devices and also to sync data automatically once the device is repaired.

Make laptop or PC accessible: Giving access to laptop helps the service provider to check the laptop of the cause of damage and resolve the issue sooner. The repair may require the service person to boot the laptop or PC before going forward with the work. It is a good practice to disable any login password if it exists.

Remove any sensitive data: Before handing over the laptop for repair, delete all the sensitive information from the system. Delete all the folders or files containing bank details, CVV, PIN, tax forms and other confidential data that can be easily hacked or accessed. Remove any personal details like photos, video, or files containing personal information as they might be misused.

Backup: The most important step to take before sending the laptop for repair is data backup. Either manually or by using relevant backup software ensures the backup is done completely for saving important data secure. Keeping the backup stored on an external device helps to restore it once the laptop gets repaired. An SSD or external hard drive is the best choice for saving important data.

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