Five Reasons Why Macbooks Have An Edge Over Windows Laptops


Five Reasons Why Macbooks Have An Edge Over Windows Laptops

Ideally, it’s not an apple to apple comparison. We are pitching the Macbooks against the whole lot of Windows laptops out there. However, there is a lion’s share of people who use Macbooks in the market; therefore, comparing the Macbooks versus Windows laptop is worthwhile. We at Dubai Laptop Rental, offer all models of Macbooks on rent for the diehard Macbook users in Dubai, right from the newest addition 12” Macbook to Macbook Pro and what lies in between.

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Before we go into the debate that why we feel Macbooks are a better option over the Windows laptops, let’s get a rough sketch on the basic points. First off, Apple manufactures the hardware as well as the software i.e. the OS for its laptops. With Windows laptops on the other hand, Microsoft has to depend on the laptop manufacturer to get the look and feel of the Macbook range in a Windows laptop. No wonder all the Macbooks are heartbreakingly beautiful and the Windows laptops are still trying to catch up. It is basically the Intel, in partnership with Windows which is pushing the Windows laptop manufacturers to manufacture thinner and lighter models to keep the competition healthy.

Here are five reasons why Macbooks seem to score high over any Windows Laptop

MacOs is more secure:

Mac OS is built on the UNIX platform, which is hard to break; making it a less vulnerable target to the hackers. Moreover, with Windows OS more in existence than the Mac OS, the Windows laptops are more in the eyes of the hackers as they can target more laptops at the same time.

Macbook Repair is easier:

Apple customer care is renowned across the world. They offer 90 days of complimentary online support and one year of limited warranty. However, as the Windows laptop manufacturers are a separate entity from the operating system developer, when it comes to the laptop overhaul, the situation gets a little tricky.

Mac devices work as a team:

The iPhones, Macbooks and the iPads work in tandem. Whenever there is a text message on the iPhone, it pops up on the Macbook as well as the iPad with a built-in message app. The same is not the case with the Windows laptops.

Macbook can run Windows and MacOS together:

A Macbook can run the Windows OS on either the virtual machine or on the Macbook itself; however, the end result is that the Macbook can have two operating systems at the same time.

Macbooks have better display screens:

The current range of Macbooks carry the Retina display with an anti-reflective coating and no air gaps making it one of the best display screens yet in the market.

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