How Can a Laptop be Repaired or Upgraded?

How Can a Laptop be Repaired or Upgraded?

Laptops provide portability and flexibility to work from any location. Using gadgets properly and keeping them maintained is the key to making them work efficiently.

Be it for professional, personal, or business needs laptops have become a daily use gadget in our lives.

The effective use of laptops is possible with regular updates and resolving the issues by a professional service provider.

Due to their portability, upgrading a laptop is less feasible as compared to a desktop computer. There are three parts of a laptop on which upgradation is possible: the RAM, the hard drive, and the video/Sound cards.

Laptop Repair Dubai

Laptop repair or upgradation

Add SSD: A SSD adds speed to the performance of a laptop. It is the biggest hardware change done for speeding up the laptop. It makes everything faster; booting, shutting down and launching apps. The latest laptops come with built-in SSDs. For the traditional laptops, opening the hard drive and upgrading it will boost up the performance.

Upgrade RAM: The minimum requirement of RAM for laptops is 8GB. If the existing RAM is 4GB it can be upgraded with additional memory. The latest laptops come with the RAM soldered to the motherboard, hence it is necessary to buy a laptop with the required size of RAM beforehand.

Uninstall unused apps: Unused programs installed on the laptop slow down the performance by using a major part of the resources. Delete junk files to free up space, clear browsing history to remove any cache, and check library files to remove junk files that may stick around.

Scan and remove virus and malware: A program or an application gets installed unintentionally, such as malicious software, causing the laptop to slow down. Regular scans can remove malicious software and prevent laptop slowdown.

Keep the laptop cool: Place the laptop in a proper position so that the air vents are not blocked. Blocked air vents cause heating up of the laptop and ultimately leads to its slowdown. Too much dust collected on the laptop also slows down its performance. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the laptop always clean.

An expert technician can repair the damaged laptop and assure maximum efficiency. If handled by inexperienced persons, it may lead to further damage to the laptop.

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