5 Most Common Laptop Problems and Solutions

5 Most Common Laptop Problems and Solutions

Dubai is a hub for various business activities. Laptops are a must-have for entrepreneurs to interact with clients and customers. The portability of the laptops helps them to achieve their business goals easily. For quick and cost-effective solutions, it is always recommended to choose a reliable service provider in case of laptop problems.

Users face various kinds of issues with their laptops. The most frequently encountered issues include a broken screen, battery not charging, motherboard repair, keyboard repair, hard disk repair, and hard disk replacement.

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Common laptop issues and their solutions:

  1.   Programs running slowly: Laptops are known for speed and performance. It becomes frustrating when it takes long hours to complete a simple task on the laptop. A slow working laptop causes loss of productivity and waste of time.

Solution: The main reason for a slow-running laptop could be due to lack of memory or a rather low RAM. A quick solution for this is to run only a few applications at a time and remove unnecessary cache. Upgrading RAM also resolves this issue.

  1.   Virus and Malware: If the laptop is infected with any virus or malware, applications and files stored on the laptop are either damaged or function inappropriately. It may also slow down the computer.

Solution: A reliable Anti-Virus software installation is the best resolution for this problem. The anti-virus application scans all the files downloaded onto the laptop, checks for spam emails, blocks unauthorized websites, and keeps the laptop malware-free.

  1.   Hard drive failure: Hard drive failure is the most common laptop issue. It prevents using the laptop altogether. Users often face data loss that is a big risk for users as their precious information stored on the laptop is lost.

Solution: A probable solution to this is taking regular backups, replacement, or repair of the hard drive. Having regular backups help to retrieve data in the event of a hard drive failure. Since the hard drive can be replaced or repaired, the laptop can be brought back to working condition.

  1.   Frozen Screen: A hardware failure or any software issue leads to a frozen screen. The screen does not respond to any commands performed on the laptop.

Solution: The windows task manager force closes all the problematic applications to ensure that the screen starts working. A completely locked up screen will start working only after a proper laptop reboot.

  1.   Overheating: Overheating of the laptop reduces its lifetime. The internal parts of the laptop get heated up and slowly wear out if the problem persists.

Solution: Ensure the air vents of the laptop are free from any blockages and dust. It needs regular cleaning of the vents to keep the internal parts cool. A laptop cooling fan inserted below the laptop also serves the purpose.

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