How to Know Whether Your Laptop Needs a Repair?

How to Know Whether Your Laptop Needs a Repair?

Laptops, like any other electronic gadget, are prone to malfunctioning. When used for an extended period or without proper care, laptops start experiencing a few issues.

Identifying the various problems with the laptops becomes a frustrating task for inexperienced users.

It is always good to get the laptop fixed by experienced technicians for efficient functioning.

Laptops Showing the Following Signs Need a Quick Repair:

  • Damaged or broken screen: The laptop screen gets damaged for various reasons. There are several reasons for this, including mishandling the device, laptop falling from a height, or any object falling on the screen accidentally.
  • Laptop shutting down abruptly: Laptop shutting down in the middle of a task might be due to a battery issue. A screen error might be the reason. Restarting the computer and checking if the problem persists will help resolve the issue. A hard disk failure may also lead to the abrupt shutting down of the laptop.

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  • Laptop slow down: There are several reasons for the laptop’s slow performance. Temporary files piled up on the hard disk, browser not updated, and too many cookies piled up on the laptop.
  • Multiple colours or lines appearing on the screen: Colours and lines appear after turning on the device. It might be due to graphic card failure, failed video cable, screen failure, and poor connection between the video cable and motherboard/screen.
  • Laptop not charging: The laptop battery does not charge completely even if kept for charging for a long duration. Replacing it with a new battery, checking whether the adapter cable is working, or checking the charging port for proper functioning will resolve the issue.
  • The blue screen of death: A blue screen is displayed before the laptop shuts down. It generally happens in windows based systems. Before a major breakdown like a hard disk crash, a blue screen appears as a warning sign before the system shuts down. Performing a system recovery action will mostly resolve the issue.
  • Overheating: Laptop heating is caused due to the blocked vents that allow free airflow. Any dust accumulated in the vents causes the laptop to heat up. The battery getting heated up fast needs a quick replacement. The battery getting heated up fast needs a quick replacement. Always place the laptop on a flat surface to allow the heat to go out and keep the laptop cool.
  • Unstable internet connectivity: When working on serious projects, issues with internet connectivity can be frustrating. It is necessary to check the wireless connectivity. Troubleshooting the wireless router helps to resolve the issue.
  • Unusual noises: Unusual sounds coming from the laptop might be due to an ill-maintained fan, the problem with the DVD-ROM drive, or a hard drive failure issue. Cleaning the fan and DVD-ROM drive helps resolve the issue. A hard drive failure issue has to be dealt by an expert.
  • Unresponsive keyboard: Number lock, defective keyboard, driver issues, or dust accumulated on the keys will lead to an unresponsive keyboard.

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