Six Best Uses of Touchscreen Laptops at Events

Touchscreen Laptops at Events

Six Best Uses of Touchscreen Laptops at Events

The users’ have always been at awe while using the touchscreens. Ever since the evolution of life, people have constantly been trying to find out the ways to make the life easier. And touchscreen offers that kind of luxury to the users. However, there is a debate as to why a touchscreen in a laptop as the mouse pad and the keypad are not going anywhere soon. But then, there is no denying the fact that a mere touch can work wonders in getting the things done within a fraction of seconds. Dubai Laptop Rental offers all brands of PCs on rent including the touchscreen Laptops for Events that are all set to take the customer satisfaction to the next level.

There have been controversies and disagreements over the fact that, if mimicking the iPads’ touch screen concept in laptops is a great way of handling the losing popularity of Windows 8. However, in this article, let us see a six ways, the Windows touchscreen laptops can increase the customer engagement at events.

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1. Group Demonstrations with larger screens

Larger screens make group demonstrations possible to showcase the apps or websites to the users, unlike the touch screen mobiles or tablets, which cater to only a single user access.

2. Innovative means to attract customers using gaming

Gaming is always a fool proof way of attracting customers to your booth. Integrating the games with your product promotion is a creative way to make an impact on the customers. The touchscreen laptops with the giant screen take the user experience to a different level altogether.

3. Self-Service Kiosks

The self-service kiosks offer unbeatable experience to the users as the touch screens can take you through maps, galleries and event calendars of your choice. When placed strategically at the crowded locations like stations, airports, the touch screen laptops can help you navigate through with ease. They are ideal for this kind of use as operating the touch screen laptops is similar to that of Smartphones, however, with larger screens.

4. Impressive way of making presentations

Instead of boring presentations with the clicking of the mouse pad to navigate through the slides, the touch screen laptops offer seamless zooming in and out of the data charts, graphs and slides during the course of the presentation. It is easier to seek the audience opinion poll, answer the Q&A session or taking notes etc.

5.Touchscreen Laptop kiosks for token generation

Self- token generation kiosks with the touchscreen laptops are a user-friendly way of helping the customers where a dedicated attendant is not required for the job.

6. Great way to collect attendees information

The touchscreen laptops are a great way to collect the attendees’ information at an event, where they themselves can approach the kiosks and enter the information using the touch screen devices without much ado.

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